Saturday, 21 September 2013

Internship update

Since the end of August I've been working as an intern with a local, environmentally-friendly graphic design company call Green Hat Design so I thought I'd write a little post to update everyone on my experience there so far. I secured the placement through a speculative email with a copy of my CV and a link to my portfolio. I was then asked to visit the company for an interview at which they offered me a placement after looking through my printed portfolio.

As an illustrator, I have a general knowledge of graphic design, the programs used, technical terms and the like but after just a few weeks I've realised there is a lot more to learn! The head of the team, Andy, is also aware of this, however, and has given me jobs that utilise my illustrative skills as well as some more design-focused tasks.

Firstly I was thrown in at the deep end and asked to create a banner for the University of Bristol's freshers fair that outlined the possible modes of transport for getting around the city. We decided on a design that emphasised connections, diversity and the fun you can have traveling. After many hours of Illustrator, even more hours of Photoshop, some tweaks from my co-workers and one massive file we sent the document to print - here it is with me standing next to it!
The next project I got to work on was super fun and very close to my heart - illustrations for Secret World Wildlife Rescue who are helping vaccinate badgers in opposition to the badger cull. Andy put together a pitch for the centre and it was my task to jazz it up with some animal illustrations, including this one:

And Green Hat got the job! So hopefully there may be some further work for me there and the possibility of a trip to the rescue centre! Finally I am working on a Christmas card (which is enormously enjoyable) as well as doing bits and pieces here and there.

Although my self-employment plans have had to go on hold whilst at the company, I have found it to be incredibly helpful to work with real jobs and real clients. I've noticed a sharp increase in both the quality of my illustration and my general work ethic which will undoubtedly help wherever I end up in my career.

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