Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Magic Flute Poster - WIP

FMP poster at the half-way-ish stage.  There will be a character in each segment of the visible moon, with paired characters being opposite one another: Tamino and Pamina, Sarastro and the Queen, Papageno and Papagena.  This is to symbolise the theme of balance as well as giving an indication of what to expect from the actual plot of the opera.  The opera is set in Egypt hence the inclusion of the pyramid and eye, two common Egyptian symbols.  The pyramid also references the number three which is another recurring motif.  The general idea behind the image is to do with the triumph of the Sun over the Moon, (Sarastro vs. the Queen of the Night) with the Sun literally overtaking the Moon, yet the Moon's visibility reminds us of the equilibrium needed in life for peace.

Phew.  Sorry for the long description - I've worked hard to give this image intellectual strength as well as visual strength so I wanted to ensure that comes across.  For those unfamiliar with the opera it serves as a little introduction too!

I'm hoping to create some more pieces like this that will be examples of illustrative graphic design to include in my portfolio - I have been drawn to the idea of being an in-house graphic designer whilst also pursuing an illustration career after a lecture from our tutors about possible career routes.  I'm also in the process of creating business cards and a professional CV which I will take to a careers meeting some time in the following weeks.

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